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The Failure of Athos Wearable Technology.

I've been documenting my predictions over the last few years with what I believe is a complete waste of VC and Limited partners money in technology investments.

Athos has raised close to $50 million and it just goes to show that some VCs just don't know what they are doing.

The company sells a wearable technology that tracks your muscle electrical pulses to determine how much and how effective you are working particular muscles.

Well, that doesn't seem to be much of a mass market to me.  I might be one of their target customers because I have been lifting weights for a long time, but I don't need something like this.  The average consumer isn't going to need this either.

So maybe professional athletes, or extreme athletes?  A very, very niche market.

The apparel that you have to use is like a slim wet suit directly next to the body (no under garments).  Really? I want to push myself and sweat with a completely non-breathable set of "clothing"?  Not likely.

Add to that to purchase get a full set (shirt and shorts) with two of the core units will cost you around $600.00. And with it actually "backordered" and not guarantees that it will ship by 12/25/2015, I would guess they've had very limited demand and have kept supplies low.

And since the suit needs to be next to your body, when you return it, the company basically has to burn it.  With slim margins in the price of the suit, I would guess the company could make $100.00 on a full suit sold.  But with the amount of returns that they would get, it would eat away at any potential of profit.

Again, dumb VC money, just being thrown away without doing any competent due diligence on the market and the viability of a product.

Who knows, the company might succeed by selling using the "greater fool" theory.

Until Next Time!